The following layouts are confirmed for the 2017 Narrow Gauge Tewkesbury exhibition.

Please click on each item for additional information.


  Layout  Scale  Exhibitor
 South Bohemia  TTe  Blair Hobson
 Green Pond Mine  HOe/HOf  Lyn and Jim Owers
Jäger Straßenbahn – 3  HOm  Andrew Hunt
Beaulieu-les-Mines  HO9 Howard Coulson
 Castle Wharf Kendal  OO9  Ian Kirkwood
 Coleford  OO9  John Wilkes
 Goodmannton  OO9  Steve Mann
 Hergest  OO9  Peter Cullen
 Island Farm  OO9  Ian Sandwell
 Knifeington  OO9  Steve Mann
 Launceston  OO9  Richard Holder
 Lesobeng  OO9  Paul Spray
 Mile House Tramway – narrow gauge trams  OO9  Bob Pritchard
 Tansey Bank & Hobbs Row Halt  OO9  Bob Vaughan
 The Old Mineral Line  OO9  Mike Wall
 Yate Rocks Tramway  OO9  Colin James
 Barnstaple Town  OO/OO9  Barry Blackmore
 Hobbiton End  5.5mm Scale  Simon Addelsee
 Tennessee Extraction Railroad Co  On30  Paul Davies
 Afon Adit  O9  Martin Rich
 Allerdale Farm  O9  Matt Wathen
 Brynllwydd  O16.5  Bernard Morgan
 Calstock Halton Quay  O16.5  Chris Peacock
 Melinau’r Abaty  O16.5  Chris Featherstone
 Up the Line  O16.5  Kevin Hughes
 Badger’s Bottom & The Orchard Line  Gnine  Simon Andrews
 Coach Construction using the computer  OO9  Martyn Davies
 Display of OO9 locos and rolling stock  OO9  Julian Webb
 Display of early GEM locos and rolling stock  5.5mm Scale  Steve Lawrence


Please use the form on the contact page if you would like to offer your layout as an exhibit for subsequent exhibitions.