Allerdale farm

Allerdale Farm

A fictional agricultural railway located in the Lake District, modelled in 7 mm scale on 9mm gauge track, representing a 15″ gauge.

Following the overwhelming popularity of “La’aL Ratty” the Keswick Granite Company decided to utilise a 15 inch gauge railway within a farming setting to assist in taking goods as far as the shores of Derwent Water.

The project became surprisingly lucrative, and “tracks” were made to produce a small railway that ran through the landscape, working its way through Castlehead and Cockshot Wood to the shores of Derwent Water on the old coffin route, with a private off shoot reaching the grounds of Castlerigg Manor and its secret walled garden.

The majority of the traffic was timber from the two adjacent woods, which would then be sent across Cumbria for use in homes, furniture and boats. Livestock and general farming “debris” was also sent down the railway.

The railway has since dwindled to an unkempt mess, and what you see before you is a brief section of the line, located between the two woods along the old coffin route, and the very southern part of the great secret walled garden now used for storage.