Badger’s Bottom & The Orchard Line

Badger’s Bottom

“Badger’s Bottom” is a box file sized, Gnine layout built due to my increasing interest in miniature ride on railways. The layout is set some time in the last 50 years and represents the engine /stock yard of a private miniature garden railway somewhere in the South West of England. The little railway was built primarily for the owner to indulge his passion for railways, but is also occasionally used to move agricultural supplies around the garden.

The Orchard Line

The “Orchard Line” represents a private garden railway somewhere in the South West of England. It is imagined that the line takes the form of a continuous loop around the grounds with two sidings, one running into the owner’s workshop and the other serving some outbuildings in a small enclosed orchard at the bottom of the property.

The layout represents this small orchard where the line loops through the enclosing wall and a siding branches off to serve the old gardener’s bothy and a lean to shed. These outbuildings now act as a store.

What is Gnine?

Gnine – pronounced “nine”, (the G is silent) is a definition covering the modelling of miniature railways with 9mm gauge track. G scale is taken to represent a ground scale of approximately 1/25th – 1/20th scale.

Name Scale (mm/ft) Ratio 9mm equals nearest prototype gauge
7/8″ 22.22mm  1/13.7 4.85″ 5″
16mm 16mm 1/19 6.73″ 5″ & 7.25″
Large Scale 15mm 1/20.3 7.20″ 7.25″
G scale 13.5mm 1/22.5 7.97″ 7.25″ & 9.5″
Half inch 12.7mm 1/24 8.50″ 7.25″ & 9.5″
1:25.4 12mm 1/25.4 9″ 9.5″
1:29  11mm 1:29 10.27″ 10.25″
Gauge 1 10mm 1/32 10.8″ 10.25 “& 12”
 1:35  8.7mm  1/35  12.5″  12.25″

As you can see many of these scales measure up very favourably against prototype miniature railways with some very handy compromise scales too. Using 9mm gauge track means that N gauge, OO9, HOe and O9 locos, stock and parts can be used with little or no modification.