Castle Wharf Kendal

Plans for a standard gauge light railway running south east from Canal Head in Kendal, Westmoreland to Arkholme, serving various quarries and gunpowder works, as well as local farming interests were produced by Col Stephens, but the scheme failed for lack of money. I have supposed that a narrow gauge line (a much cheaper option) was built.

The layout is an OO-9 model of the northern terminus in its later years. The canal is little used, most traffic being transferred to the LMS at exchange sidings just east of the area modelled. Trains to and from the exchange sidings are shunted at the wharf.

The non-railway buildings (all hand-made from card) are based on actual buildings from Kendal. The carriages and wagons are from kits and the locos are mainly from the excellent Backwoods range of kits.

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