Goodmanton & Knifeington


The railway is a fictional railway based in Somerset Run by the Goodmannton family on their estate.

The origins of the railway were to move dairy and cider produce from the estate to the standard gauge railway. Over the following years it fell into disrepair and was finally abandoned in the 1920s due to lack money. A few of the engines and rolling stock survived in sheds.

The family expanded into engineering in later year, And with this and good fortune the family rebuilt the stored locos and stock, purchasing some carriages to use for private use. When the family opened the house and estate to the public the railway was expanded and so was the loco and carriage fleet, the railway also hosts visiting locos and stock from other countries.


Knifeington is a small size layout design to show everyone has space for a model railway.
The box was originally for kitchen knives. Scale is oo9 4mm to the foot
Size; Box size is 17 x 13 inch, Track is 15 x 11 inch approx. 5 and a half inch radius