Green Pond Mine

Green Pond Mine – A Fluorite Mine in the Derbyshire Peak HOe/Hof

This little box layout measures only 60 x 40 cm but packs a great deal in a small space.

Green Pond Mine is set in the present day and is named after the small pond nearby. It is rather out of its time because they still do everything in the traditional way with the works powered by steam even in the 21st Century so many industrial archaeologists come to see how it used to be done.
The mine produces high quality Fluorite for specialist uses, such as the production of glasses and enamels and also for the production of hydrofluoric acid. They still rely on narrow gauge railways in both the mine and the processing works which is just a short distance away.
All buildings are scratch built or adapted from kits and are fully lit. The electronic controls can easily be seen on the box lid so visitors can see how it has all been done behind the scenes.


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