Hobbiton End

Hobbiton End – Inspired by Lord of the Rings 5.5mm Scale

Life in the Shire, home of the Hobbits has settled down after the Battle of the Ring (Lord of the Rings) but deep under the Blue Mountains something new was stirring, something that would change their lives for ever. The Dwarfs have harnessed the power of flame and water to develop Middle Earth’s first railway system. The scene modelled is the station and yard of Hobbiton End, the terminus of a short branch line off the main route through the Shire built to connect 2 large Dwarf communities.

The layout has been built to a scale of 5.5mm to the foot to match the 28mm scale war-gaming figures widely available, this has opening a vast range of figures and accessories for the project, an iceberg of resources I feel I have only touched the tip of so far. Like many layouts, there is still a lot to be done as this layout is still developing with several plans for future detailing and stock additions.


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