Jäger Straßenbahn – 3

Jäger Straßenbahn – 3: European Metre Gauge – HOm

This layout represents a freelance continental small suburban centre with a circular route from the main city situated some distance in front of the layout, and a small three track depot situated at the rear of the layout.

Trams are mainly 4 & 6 axle. Museum and works cars, which are mainly 2 & 4 axle, have several outings along the tracks.

All trams have been rewired to operate from the overhead, which is wired into a continuous circuit round the layout. There is a small section at the rear of the layout, which is operated from another controller, for the depot. The return is through both rails, which has sections inserted to stop the trams at the tram stops, of which four can be semi-automatic. I am upgrading this layout all the time, so if you have already seen it, there is sure to be something different.


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